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Party Of The Dead, Total Solar Eclipse And Skulls Of Lena Hades


"The greatest mystery of life is the knowledge of death. Of what happens to consciousness at the time of physical death. It is only about scientific knowledge, as far as “revelations”, “dreams” and other unprovable sources. Such knowledge can’t be assessed or transmitted. Especially in the global information era, when people not too burdened with any morality, don’t inform, but misinform other people, getting profit of it. That is, in the information flow, many people just drown and they are not able to tell the truth from lies.

Closed societies of antiquity, such as the Pythagorean union, for example, set the goal for such knowledge transfer, but, unfortunately, because of the leakage of “knowledge” (thanks to Gippas), it fell into the “hands” and “brain” of profanes. “ Every one being allowed to learn to read, ruineth in the long run not only writing but also thinking .” Scientific knowledge (and the knowledge of terrestrial civilization can be either scientific or non-scientific, that is, not being knowledge at all) must necessarily serve Truth firstly and then work for the benefit of mankind. What is Truth and why do I write this word with a capital letter? Truth is the (scientific!) Knowledge

1. Of who a man is, where from he came on the Earth,

2. Of how language appeared on the Earth, which language was the very first language on the planet,

3. Of what happens to consciousness at the time of death.

Science one knows nothing neither about the first, the second, nor the third aspect of this Truth. Nothing at all!

Actually, my Matism Manifesto is just about it. About the Truth, without which the scientific and technological progress does not make any sense and turns human civilization into a randomly evolving aggressive herd of half-blind animals, who do not need either the “gift of freedom” or the gift of truth and knowledge"


The first Party of the Dead skull exhibition opens in the Moscow White Cube Gallery on the day of the total solar eclipse - August 21, 2017.

Why on this day?

Because the coming total solar eclipse will be an eclipse of the same 145 saros, which my father observed on July 9, 1945 in the village of Zagatino, Kostroma region. The shadow band of the eclipse passed across Russia, and my father, who was 12 years old, saw how dark the night became, and all the birds fell silent. My father told me about that eclipse. And now exactly the same eclipse repeats exactly 72 years later, but this time it will be visible on the territory of the USA. For me it is an opportunity to turn time back and return to my father’s childhood and experience the same feelings.

August 21, 2017-  December 1, 2017

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